The Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound

In Perfect Harmony

In 2002, Lexus’ executive chief engineer, Takeshi Yoshida, met with Mark Levinson’s Phil Muzio. Although they had their fair share of differences, these two dreamers shared something in common:

The pursuit of perfection.

Muzio shared blueprints with Yoshida that included outfitting the LS 460 with a 450-watt surround-system with 19 speakers – an ambitious proposal that would eventually evolve into the Mark Levinson Premium Surround. Today, Mark Levinson surround is available in almost every Lexus model, forming the pinnacle of automotive audio technology.
Lexus is renowned for offering some of the quietest passenger cabins on the market. This is the reason Mark Levinson audio technology perfectly suits a Lexus. Every subtlety and nuance of a musical performance resonates throughout every inch of a Lexus with the Mark Levinson premium surround-sound system.

Artfully Constructed, Beautifully Composed

From the vividness of the audio to the elegant accents of the design, premium surround is a multi-sensory experience built to captivate and dazzle. A 360-degree spatial arrangement ensures every bass line, every grace note, and every intricacy of a live performance is brilliantly rendered with utmost clarity.

It’s the closest you can get to a live performance while on the road.

In the pursuit of perfection, no detail is spared. Since every Lexus model is uniquely designed, the optional Mark Levinson surround system is custom made for each model. Lexus and Mark Levinson’s team of sound architects spent around 1,000 hours of collaborative engineering on each Lexus model.

Each speaker is optimally placed to provide harmonic balance and envelop the cabin in rich sound. Woofers, tweeters, and midrange speakers are carefully integrated into each Lexus vehicle, utilizing each model’s unique design to deliver a captivating audio experience.

Revolutionary audio technology makes The Mark Levinson premium surround possible. New high-efficiency speaker transducers produce higher sound pressures at lower power levels, and speaker diaphragms that run cooler contribute to sound quality. These Mark Levinson surround-sound speakers run about 50% more efficiently than the average car speaker.

A Sustainable Serenade

Perfection in the automotive industry does not just mean an elegant, well-oiled machine. At Lexus, we believe the perfect vehicle drives smoothly, looks stunning, and performs flawlessly – all with eco-friendly materials.

The technology behind The Mark Levinson premium surround system aligns with Lexus’ sustainability initiatives, utilizing eco-friendly materials to produce incredible sound quality. The speakers are crafted with GreenEdge technology that deliver twice the performance at half the energy.

GreenEdge technology reduces the electrical energy required to power the vehicle’s alternator and lowers the audio-system operating temperature. The speakers even weigh less – a small difference that helps add up to a big change.